by Alon Sahar

#22 /23 | available until February 28


Israel  ·  2018  ·  DCP  ·  Color  ·  27'  ·  o.v. Hebrew/Arabic

Guy is a young man who efficiently aims his camera both in Israel and in the occupied territories of Palestine.

Selected in the Pardi di domani International competition 2018

Out is a highly political, violent and controversial film: after premiering in Locarno, it was the cause of pressures by the Israeli Minister of Culture to the Haifa International Film Festival, where it was scheduled to play. Taking the looks of a documentary film, Sahar constructs a portrait of the routine of a young man. Guy is a soldier who regularly participates in the process of “mapping”, a kind of intimidation tactics of the Israeli army aimed at the Palestinian population.

Stefan Ivančić  ·  programmer


Born in Giv’at Shmuel, Israel, Alon Sahar graduated magna cum laude from Tel Aviv University in 2018. His short film, Gelem (2014), premiered in Clermont-Ferrand and won the Special jury prize at the Haifa International Film Festival. Alon Sahar is currently developing his first feature film, After-Effect.


Dor Srugo , Sagi Tal , Samira Saraya , Abed Natour , Gil Frank , Anna Senger


Alon Sahar, Mika Kalderon


Misha Kaminsky


Alon Sahar


Keren-Biton Or


Maya Klar


Tel Aviv University (etitsicko@tauex.tau.ac.il)

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