Concorso internazionale

Pardo d'oro 2017 "Mrs. Fang" directed by Wang Bing


© Wang Bing

2016 Pardo d’oro "Godless" by Ralitza Petrova


2015 Pardo d’oro: “Jigeumeun matgo geuttaeneun teullida (Right Now, Wrong Then)” by HONG Sangsoo


The 2014 Pardo d’oro: Filipino director Lav Diaz with “Mula sa kung ano ang noon” (“From What Is Before”)


“Cavalo Dinheiro” by Pedro Costa, awarded in 2014 with the Pardo per la miglior regia (Best Director)


Tizza Covi and Rainer Frimmel directed “Der Glanz des Tages”, competing in the Concorso internazionale in 2012


Nadav Lapid’s Israeli film “Hashoter“ (“Policeman“) is one of the standouts of the 2011 Concorso internazionale


One of the highlights of Locarno 2013: Destin Cretton’s “Short Term 12”, with Brie Larson


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Reflecting the Festival’s aim to cross and blur boundaries, the Concorso internazionale presents a stimulating panorama of contemporary auteur cinema, where young talent rubs shoulders with that of established directors. A jury of major figures in cinema is charged with choosing one of the competing fiction or documentary features from all over the world, screened as world or international premieres, to win the prestigious Pardo d’oro.


Pardo d’oro (Golden Leopard)

Festival Grand Prize of the City of Locarno, for the best film in the Concorso internazionale: 75,000 CHF to be shared equally between the director and the producer.

Premio speciale della giuria (Special Jury Prize)

Prize of the Cities of Ascona and Losone: 30,000 CHF to be shared equally between the director and the producer.

Pardo per la migliore regia (Leopard for the Best Direction)

Prize of the City and Region of Locarno, for the best directed film in the Concorso internazionale: 20,000 CHF to the director.

Pardo per la migliore intepretazione femminile (Leopard for the Best Actress)

Pardo per la migliore interpretazione maschile (Leopard for the Best Actor)

Swatch First Feature Awards

Swatch support the prizes awarded by a jury of international film critics to the two best first feature films, as world or international premieres, selected for all sections of the Festival, except for the independent sections Semaine de la critique and Panorama Suisse:

  • Swatch First Feature Award for the best first film: 15’000 CHF to the director;
  • The Swatch Art Peace Hotel Award: a special mention, with a 3 to 6 month residency in the Shanghai hotel of the same name.
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