Sarah Meyohas

Sarah Meyohas



Few artists are as attuned to the present moment as the New Yorker Sarah Meyohas. Informed by her studies in international relations, finance and fine arts, Meyohas’ multidisciplinary practice – spanning film, photography, virtual reality, performance art and sculpture – highlights and dissects the contemporary dynamics between art, politics and capital.

For example, she created BitchCoin, a cryptocurrency whose value fluctuates alongside the market value of Meyohas’ art, thus underlining the notion of art as cultural capital. She famously staged a performance in which she traded live on the New York Stock Exchange and created artworks that visually represented the stocks’ changing valuation. Meyohas has also experimented extensively with new technologies such as artificial intelligence, exploring its ability to create and define beauty. In 2015, she founded MEYOHAS in New York, an experimental space and gallery that has developed into a showcase for some of the most exciting young artists whose work display preoccupations kindred to Meyohas’ own. Forbes included Meyohas in their prestigious 30 Under 30 list for Art & Style in 2017.

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