Welcome by Stéphane Maquaire
CEO Manor

Welcome by Stéphane Maquaire
CEO Manor



Dear friends of the film festival,

The unforgettable James Dean once declared that as an actor, you must learn everything there is to learn, and experience everything there is to experience, or at least do your best to get as close as possible to doing so. This philosophy should apply not only to actors and cinema, but to every one of us, in everything that we do.

However, we should not forget the one thing without which life would not be worth living: emotions. What would it be like to live without feelings, without passion? And what other medium is more appropriate for expressing this, and for making us dream, than film? Pursuit of perfection and a desire for lifelong learning and development, with plenty of amazement and fantasy along the way – these are topics that Manor can identify with. And that’s why it has entertained a successful partnership with the “Locarno Festival” as a main partner for 17 years.

We look forward to sharing some unforgettable moments in the Piazza Grande with you once again this year. We hope that you will enjoy some wonderful cinematic experiences at the 70th edition of one of the most important film festivals in the world, the “Locarno Festival”!

Stéphane Maquaire
Manor CEO

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