Your Holiday in Ticino

The Piazza Grande comes to life during the Locarno Festival.


Lavertezzo lies on a really marvellous stretch of the River Verzasca, with clean, intensively green waters gushing between bizarrely eroded rocks.


Rasa is a quiet, traffic-free mountain village. Located on a sunny terrace high over the valley at 900 meters over sea level, Rasa can only be reached on foot or by cable railway – a quiet oasis in the midst of a mostly untouched, powerful scenery as well as the starting point for adventurous hikes and excursions.


Ascona is famous for its mild climate, its Old Town and a lake promenade which is dotted with street cafés and boasts a Latin ambience.


© FotoStudio1 Ascona
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Welcome to Ascona Locarno. You can look forward to a superb nature, attractive little towns and picturesque villages. From the palms to the glaciers, the region of Lago Maggiore and its surrounding valleys will amaze you with its variety.

Find more information on the Ascona-Locarno Tourism website.

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