Raving Iran - DJs Blade & Beard

Raving Iran - DJs Blade & Beard



Anoosh & Arash are iranian artists, born in Teheran on 1990 & 1987. For a long time, they listened to many genres of music, electronic music included but one day they listened to a magical CD that one of their friends brought us from USA, this CD was from Sasha&John Digweed and it had a deep influence on their mind and from then they dive into electronic music as a serious follower .

They came to Switzerland and discovered that organising parties in this country and generally in Europa is not such a big deal and even less a crime like in Iran. They had this dilemma to stay as refugees and continue their passion or go back to normal life with their family in Iran.

They finally decided to stay in Switzerland.

They've been moved to a small village named "Cazis"in Graubünden, one of the swiss cantons, far from modern life and in the middle of the mountains. They wait during two years for the decision of the authority to give them or not the residence permit. They finally got it in may 2016, two weeks after the documentary "Raving Iran" based on their story won a price in "Vision du réel" festival in Nyon.

They say that the only reason for them to pass through all these difficulties was the dream of being able, one day, to play again in Europe as free Dj. They have this feeling that only music can wash away the dust of everyday's life from the soul.

21:30 - Raving Iran

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