Katharina Busch

8.8.2019 | 19:00-20:00


Katharina Busch is back. In her luggage she not only has her outstanding band but also her current EP "Neue Worte - Neuer Wind". With songs in her mother tongue, Katharina takes the next logical step and gains much authenticity and sensitive expressiveness. The result is five songs with German lyricism full of intimacy and zest for action. Already known from this EP is the song "Du weißt nicht warum", released in January. This track was realized together with an expressive video in which Katharina fights successfully as a warrior in a corn maze against her inner pessimist. Her music doesn't only convince on the tastefully produced recordings, also live the dainty singer manages to grab the audience within seconds. Her unmistakably velvety voice floats above the warm rhythmic band sound and manages to transport the audience directly into the “here” and “now”.

Emilie Zoé

8.8.2019 | 20:30-21:30


"The Very Start" is the name of her latest album. And it should be synonymous with the go-ahead to the final breakthrough. Emilie Zoé from Neuchâtel doesn't need more than a guitar and her voice to cast a spell over her audience. Her alternative Lo-Fi songs are marked by deep emotions and oscillate effortlessly between tender lightness and energetic excess. Emilie Zoé won this year's Swiss Music Awards in the category "Best Act Romandie".

Adam's Wedding

8.8.2019 | 22:00-23:15


Adam's Wedding play down-to-earth folk rock, mixed with indie sounds, which makes the audience stomp and the pulse beat faster.

Since 2014 the Lady and the four Gentlemen from the Zurich Oberland have been on tour together on Swiss club and festival stages and have recently released their new single "Kind Words".

Adam's Wedding are summer feelings and happiness. Especially in Locarno.

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