7.08.2019 | 19:00-20:00


Matchenko? Yes, exactly. That's the frontman of the great Swiss rock band Death By Chocolate. As Matchenko he is solo - and at least as great as when he performs with his ancestral band. With "Mammadou" he has released his first forerunner for his solo EP "Asleep": Many voices on top of each other, a sofa as bass drum, a few handclaps and a bit of Africa in the guitars. That's all it takes for a good portion of good humour.


7.8.2019 | 20:30-21:30


Actually, he would have wanted to study psychology. Actually. Instead JulDem bought himself a guitar, taught himself how to play it and went into the fast lane with it. The talented musician from the Valais walks between reggae, pop, soul and hip-hop in his songs and made it to SRF 3 "Best Talent" in December 2018. With the five varied songs on his debut EP "ReLoveUnion" in his luggage, JulDem now sets out to conquer the music world.


7.8.2019 | 22:00-23:15


An indie rock band who, after over 300 explosive shows in half of Europe and Japan, erases all their music, withdraws into the vacuum of silence to rediscover the essence of their music? This may sound crazy – but it's exactly what Yokko did. Musicians who took the time to air their thoughts – in the echo of the night, in search of contrast. 

Back in the urban underground of Bern, new sounds flicker through the room and let first listeners drift into worlds not yet discovered. Each note catapults cinematic waves through intergalactic spheres and yet is close to the heart!

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