laRotonda is... air


The air is summer, an open space, sharing, but also flight. It's the flight of those who want to make it in the music industry, or the flight of acrobats. laRotonda 2019 will be a brand new breath of air, as soon as one sets foot inside it. It will be the ideal place to open up your lungs after the being in the dark cinema, to feel at home even in the absence of a roof. Now more than ever, laRotonda will be open air, wide open, albeit with many hiding places should the sky get wild. Much like the air, laRotonda will be light, fun, exciting and free. Even cash-free, thanks to a new payment system. It will be as free as the Carte Blanche granted to JazzAscona, the Seaside Festival in Spiez, Enjoy-Arena's Radio One Dance, Irish Openair Toggenburg and the organizer of the Connection Festival GC Events for five nights of music. 

laRotonda 2019 will be the Locarno Film Festival. It will be Locarno72. Ready to look up the whole time?

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