Locarno Garden la Mobiliare

The Festival garden

Locarno Garden



The Locarno Garden la Mobiliare is located at the Parco Balli, in the heart of the Old Town. The spectacular WHAT IF pavilion of la Mobiliare stands in the center of the garden, as a symbol for inspiration and creativity, and has been created by Swiss artist Kerim Seiler.

For Locarno71 the Locarno Garden la Mobiliare, in collaboration with the Turba Association, will bring together musicians and djs at the same time, creating not only a space of culture, but also a place of creation.
The beautiful pavilon WHAT IF will be transformed into a special music lounge where SITTING DJs play their sets, in an intimate, one of a kind participatory music experience. The very variegated line-up of local and Swiss based djs will play a six hours unique set every night.
In addition to the dj-sets, musicians will perform multiple acoustic instrumental sets. These short sets will not be a traditional concert, but an organic, intimate, musical experience.

Line-up DJ in collaboration with The DJ Marathon

Opening dates
28 July – 11 August

Opening hours
5.00 PM – 3.00 AM


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