Monday, August 12

Live Performance of Maya Rochat with the Dolphin Flight - Photo Credit - Théa Giglio



Live Performance of Maya Rochat with the Dolphin Flight

Blending nostalgic R'n'B, synthetic reveries, erotic rhythms and hallucinatory trips, Dolphin Flight offers rich and quiet slack rock with lyrics oscillating between French and English. Indeterminate instruments, sounds that cross and take pleasure in a dilated ocean, a free and creative music whose colors vary through the prism of genres and takes its source in romantic love stories with multiple forms, which are loosed on the bed of the pieces through dreamlike and mysterious lyrics.

Jumping into the music of Dolphin Flight may be like eating a vanilla ice cream in a flavored hemp oil boiling bath, head to head with D'Angelo. Or like sipping, by the fireside, a beach cocktail with retro-sweet accents with a few drops of Philipp Glass, comfortably installed in a pearly kimono. Or like imaging Princess Jasmine cheating Aladdin with Mariah Carey, dilated pupils, divided between the intoxication of a spontaneous hedonistic adventure and the absolute ideal of love-always.

Hatched at the end of 2015, the young Biel/Bienne-based band slowly begins its transition to the adult age and takes flight in Spring 2018 under the wing of the Geneva-based label Cheptel Records with a first album, "Mydriase".

Monday, August 12


Jamira Estrada (GR) – DJ

Jamira Estrada from Chur belongs to the new discoveries par excellence. Her sound, enthusiasm and sympathy are right, her ability to sweep people along is striking.

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