News from the Locarno Festival

Hitoshi Matsumoto, Takaaki Nomi, Katsuya Tomita


La Saudade – Concorso internazionale

Katsuya Tomita, producer

“Tokyo has several Swiss citizens. Kofu has many Korean, that were already there before the war. Later on arrived also people from Thailand and Brazil. These people pay taxes and work like everybody else, but unfortunately are not so well accepted in this country.”

“To shoot this movie we needed a financial support from the State. I spent a lot of time running around and try to catch every single action, emotion or else, from the local young people. I almost wanted to become one of them!”

“To shoot the movie we needed, first of all, to gain the trust of the local people. We tried to get closer without being invading their space, not letting them feel the pressure and trying not to  frighten them. To me this was really important!”

 Pawena Deejai, actress

“Before the film I was in Japan, it felt pretty sad seeing people looking at me almost like a stranger, a sort of alien. For me it was hard being treated as a normal human being, but fortunately it didn’t take so long.”

Jeremy Nicholls

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