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Nadav Lapid, Yiftach Klein, Yaara Pelzig

Nadav Lapid, Yiftach Klein, Yaara Pelzig


Nadav Lapid, Yiftach Klein, Yaara Pelzig


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Hashoter – Concorso internazionale

Nadav Lapid, director

“In the movie class and social conflicts become matter of life. I focused on the inner conflicts and not on the violence in the streets. I preferred, therefore, to represent the class conflict but it was not intended to denounce this situation, but to expose the identities of the characters and the way that people are.”

“We wanted to represent people trapped in their own existence, prisoners in the place they are introduced in. I asked myself: will they save themselves from their identity?”

“Reactions at this film are extreme, some furious and some shocking. Israelians have solid believes and stick to them strictly. I do not believe in immediate solutions that will end these political problems. Consequently, I focused my vision on the policemen: what do they feel? How do they dress? How do they live love and sex? I tried to answer these questions in the movie.”

“For the people almost every argument, political or social, filters and is analyzed through the family. I was quite shocked when, in Paris, I discovered that some people visit their parents just twice a year. In Israel our relationship with family is much stricter and stronger, we live every relationship together.”

Yiftach Klein, actor

“My role was very physical and challenging: I had to climb mountains, to go to the gym every day and shoot with guns. It was beautiful. For my shape, at least. It felt good being chosen for such a though role.”

Yaara Pelzig, actress

“It was nice to be able to look into this world from the eyes of the people and live the demonstrations with them. This movie made me see what they really live every day!”

Massimo Benvegnù, Jeremy Nicholls

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