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Corti d’autore: Short is beautiful!

Corti d’autore: Short is beautiful!



Sometimes even experienced filmmakers feel the need to go back to the short subject form, and this is the reason why the Festival del Film Locarno has a separate section for those that somehow decide to tell a story through a short film and not through a full length feature. This year the ‘Corti d’Autore’ section includes Camelia, from Marian Crisan, who won a Special Jury Prize in Locarno in 2010 with his feature debut Morgen, La Règle de trois by International Jury Member actor-director Louis Garrel, and Portuguese entry Alvorada vermelha, by João Rui Guerra da Mata and  João Pedro Rodrigues, a moving homage to Jane Russell. A special mention goes to the joint efforts of Marco d’Anna and René Burri, where mentor and disciple revisit a previous work by Burri on the Spanish corrida, and to Le Marin masqué by Sophie Letourneur, because the young filmmaker of La vie au ranch is planning to shoot a sequel of Le Marin in Locarno during the festival. So watch out for those French girls with a camera… you might end up in a short film!


Massimo Benvegnù

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