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The black box of desire

The black box of desire



The flight that burns out any frontier. A striped airplane is enough in its forms, a woman in the near seat, the takeoff and a small travel movie screen in which you overhang in metamorphosis of another universe.

Everything separated by the commune worlds principals, everything simply dragged by the black box of desire and musical moments of the sonata 19 by Rachmaninov. It leans on a demiurgic virtuosity made of pencils, pastels and acrylics, the time-keeping of  one of the masters of the contemporary animation like the Swiss Georges Schwizgebel.

Romance is the title because he pressurizes time as a squeeze box and plays increasing the adventures in an endless labyrinth flux. Where every barrier turns to ash and rises from dust, jumping through all those visual translations that catapults the musical prank in the dimension of a harmonious saga.

Lorenzo Buccella

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