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UBS Chair: collecting the voices of the Festival


Take a chair and put it on the border of Piazza Grande. A good microphone. And then the large community which fills up the streets of Locarno each August. In single file. Waiting to tell their experiences about the Festival. What you have as result is a rapid flow of opinions, anecdotes and impressions which take the pulse of all the events that mark the eleven days of this cinematographic kermesse.

An idea elaborated by UBS, longtime sponsor of the Festival del film Locarno, which launched this new initiative – available every day on Pardo Live – showing the will to sit on the side of the public.

After the well-known Prix du Public UBS – in which every member of the Piazza Grande audience becomes juror and take part to assign an important people's award with his personal vote – from this year the Festival earns a new sounding board with UBS Chair that will collect the voices of all the people who feel on their skin the Locarno experience. After all, it is just necessary to put a chair right there, a few steps from the big screen.

Lorenzo Buccella

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