News from the Locarno Festival

Pardo of the heart by Critics’ Academy

Pardo of the heart by Critics’ Academy



Zeba Blay
It is the one film of the festival that had me still thinking about it days after I'd seen it - it stays with you.

Adam Cook
Mauvais Sang
"Carax' Mauvais Sang, a rediscovery, for expressing love through mise en scène as genuinely and poetically as I thought only Jean Vigo could."

Claudia Piwecki
It's dynamic, surprising, aesthetic and young, even though the average age of the main characters is over 50.

Celluloid Liberation Front
With this alarming tale of blind obedience, director Craig Zobel has realized a capital film on the infinite dangers of Compliance, exposing the vicious pliancy authority — ‘legitimate’ or not — relies upon.

Marc Menicini
Quelques heures de printemps
The film by Stéphane Brizé for the touching, profound and illuminating performance of French actress Hélène Vincent.

Ari Gunnar Þorsteinsson
It tells a story that could easily be either exploitative or sickly-sweet, but manages to be warm human and non-judgmental.

Michael Nordine
It is the first film I've seen in quite some time that may actually be advancing the medium in some small way.

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