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10 years of Open Doors

10 years of Open Doors




On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Festival’s section Open Doors, and as part of a collaboration with the City of Bellinzona, Porte aperte sul cinema dal mondo, a set of films and conferences that aims to build a bridge with Bellinzona and audience interested in world cinema.
The events will take place on 25 October, 9 November and 13 December 2012 at the Biblioteca cantonale in Bellinzona.
With support from the Swiss Foreign Ministry’s Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), the Open Doors section aims primarily to assist directors and producers from countries in the South and the East, where independent filmmaking is vulnerable. The co-production lab offers short-listed directors and producers an opportunity to make contact with potential,mainly European, partners, to encourage the financing and completion of their projects.
OverOpen Doors’ 10 years, many projects have become successful films and been selected for major Festivals, such as Li Hongqi’sWinter Vacation, presented at Open Doors 2009 and winner of the Pardo d’oro the  following year, Jean Gentil by Israel Cardenaz and Laura Guzma, presented at Open Doors 2008 and subsequently selected for the Venice Festival, and Oscar Ruiz Navia’sEl Vuelco del Cangrejo, screened at the Berlin Festival in 2010.
The three evenings of Porte aperte sul cinema dal mondoare the culmination of a collaboration between the Festival and the City of Bellinzona that began in 2008. Since 2011 Bellinzona has also contributed to fundingthe annual, jury-selectedOpen Doors Prize, for the most promising projects following the four-day workshop. This event offers audiences a chance to discover films that are otherwise inaccessible, and are particularly representative of the Open Doors section. By offering this insightinto Open Doors, Bellinzona enables the Locarno Festival to widen its audience reach beyond its eleven days in August.
Thursday, 25 October Alain Gomis’ Aujourd’hui will begin the event where the Festival left off, with an evening dedicated to the region selected by Open Doors 2012: Sub Saharan French-speaking Africa. The new Artistic Director Carlo Chatrian will introduce the screening. The other two films (Winter Vacation by Li Hongqi and Fix Me by Raed Andoni) were selected for their outstanding quality from projects submitted to Open Doors over the decade, and made possible through the section’s operation. The screenings will be introduced by Michele Dell’Ambrogio (Circolo del Cinema di Bellinzona).

On the evening dedicated to sub-Saharan Francophone Africa (25 October) Oumar Ndao, Professor of Comparative Literature (Dakar), will discuss the concept of “African time” with Graziano Martignoni (Psychiatrist, Comano), Fabio Merlini (Philosopher, Locarno) and Franco Zambelloni (Philosopher, Chiasso).

The second evening, Friday 9 November, will focus on the subject of “boredom”. Pino Boero, Professor of Children’s Literature (Genoa), will chair a discussion with Fabio Merlini (Philosopher, Locarno) and Paolo Martini (Anthropologist, Bellinzona).
During the final session, on Thursday 13 December, Gianluca Grossi (independent journalist, Bellinzona) will introduce the issue of identity in Palestinian society with Roberto Malacrida (Doctor, Bellinzona) and Graziano Martignoni (Psychiatrist, Comano).


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