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I Did It, We Did It

I Did It, We Did It


© Alessio Pizzicannella


Nobody's asking him, but he plunges right into the subject. "The fight with Yoda in Stars War? I did it". No stand ins, it was really me. The strong claim of a 91-years-old gentleman that, boom, goes straight to everybody's heart.

Yesterday night Sir Christopher was on the stage (under the big screen) with an elegant walking stick and the charisma of a cinema icon; his few words were enough to seduce the Locarnese audience in an inimitable way.

It is difficult to find a better opening title for this 66th edition. And it is also difficult to not attribute that quote ("I did it") to the 3000 and over people that stayed in the Piazza Grande during the "2 Guns" screening, under the pour of the storm.

Between cloaks and shelter-like cloisters, in the front of Kormákur's incredulous eyes. Having a taste of an heroic and adventurous act that could happen only in Locarno. Without stand ins, as well. Yes, we did it.

Lorenzo Buccella

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