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Analog-blogging: merging tradition and modernity in a cultural context

Analog-blogging: merging tradition and modernity in a cultural context



On the occasion of its 66th edition, the Festival del film Locarno presented an experimental project of Analog-blogging in collaboration with Moleskine. The idea was to collect tangible testimonies of what a film Festival is really about and spread them real time through Social Networks. Visions and perceptions of different people and profiles involved in a complex cultural machine such as a film Festival, have been collected in a classic A4 black leather Moleskine plain notebook.

Directors, actors, cinephiles, designers, artists, photographers, scriptwriters, editors, industry representatives and young enthusiastic collaborators participated to the common intention of translating the Festival’s atmosphere on a precious and traditional notebook, while linking these analogical contributions with modernity through visual social networks such as Instagram and Pinterest.

Special contributions have been made by personalities such as the Pardo alla Carriera Sergio Castellitto, the film maker Otar Iosseliani, the director Baltasar Kormákur, the artistic director Carlo Chatrian, the president Marco Solari, the communication consultant Michele Jannuzzi, the Swiss artistic duo Nevercrew and many others. Detailed descriptions of each contribution are published on the Pinterest board “Storyboard #analogblogging #Locarno66”.

Thanks to this initiative the Festival del film Locarno has been able to give relevance to a quintessential habit of its guests, i.e. note-taking and sketching, involving at the same time its wide international audience through the hashtags #analogblogging #Locarno66 #Moleskine.

While waiting for #Locarno67 analog-blogging edition, you can take a look at this year’s initiative results.

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