News from the Locarno Festival

Aleksandr Sokurov in Locarno

Aleksandr Sokurov in Locarno



Aleksandr Sokurov will return to Locarno after winning a Leopard of Honor in 2006, and will participate in several events of L’immagine e la parola. The evening of 26 March the prominent Russian filmmaker will introduce the screening of his latest film Faust, Golden Lion at the 2011 Venice Festival. The evening will start at 20:30 at Teatro Kursaal (Locarno) and will be preceded by a refreshment.

The morning after, 27 March, he will present the free screening of Russian Ark, one of the longest one-take oeuvres in film history. The matinée will start at 09:30 at Teatro Kursaal (Locarno) and admission is free.

After holding a workshop for film students, on the afternoon of 27 March Sokurov will debate with Marco Müller, David Streiff and Frédéric Maire at a round table moderated by Carlo Chatrian on contemporary cinema and the European cultural heritage. The round table starts at 15:30 at Monte Verità in Ascona and admission is free.

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