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Climate Neutral Festival


Since many years the Festival del film Locarno remains committed to a policy that respects the environment. The measures have gradually increased, including the official hybrid cars provided by Toyota, Flyers bicycles available for the accredited guest, free shuttles and special offers for public transport.

Since 2010 the Festival del film Locarno has entered into a partnership with the Swiss no-profit foundation myclimate. Every year the event’s emission are compensating offseted in by financing one of their projects and consequently  earning the label “myclimate neutral event”.

The same year Carte Blanche focuses on Brazil, the Festival del film Locarno will support a myclimate project in the Brazilian Amazonas region that aims to switch from diesel to climate-friendly FSC woodchips, for the production of electricity.

The project replaces several diesel generators and supplies around half of the 80,000 inhabitants of Itacoatiara with climate-friendly power. For electricity, around 100,000 tons of wood are required annually, delivered in the form of wood waste and sawdust from the sawmill. Through the sustainable use of the waste, a reduction of the greenhouse gas methane is therefore also possible. The total reduction amounts to about 45,000 tons of CO2 equivalents annually.

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