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Indiana Jones in Piazza Grande

Indiana Jones in Piazza Grande


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There's a Festival in Locarno but - as usual - there is also a Prefestival.

A free night which introduces the 67th edition (6–16) and warms up the square, giving everybody in Locarno (citizens and tourists) the opportunity to live the emotion of a screening on the big screen.

On Sunday, at 9.30 pm, a movie that has strongly influenced our collective imagination with its explosive adventure action. We are talking about Raiders on the Lost Ark - directed by Steven Spielberg in 1981 - which is the forefather of the Indiana Jones movie saga.

The evening is supported by AET and the Ente Turistico Lago Maggiore.

Attention: In case of rain, the projection will also take place at the Auditorium FEVI

Lorenzo Buccella

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