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While the Men are Fighting

While the Men are Fighting



Four seasons to tell the fluctuating moods and mores of a small community that shares its daily chores and life experiences in the military base of Fort Buchanan.
In this imagined (perhaps dreamed?) location, peculiar habits respond to the needs of a peculiar environment. Roger, a fragile gay man, and his female companions, trying to cope with the absence of their husbands, go through their own brand of challenges for survival, with their own form of outdoor camaraderie, thought-occupying chat and DIY activities. Roger has a tough daughter who runs him ragged, but he has buddies willing to help: Justine, Denise, Pamela and Claudia-Joy.

The crossing of cultural codes foreign to one another sometimes produces awkward collages, but when handled by an astute modeler with a creative, sharp eye, such experimentations can take us a few steps into new territories.
Benjamin Crotty is one of these explorers. An American whose country of choice is France, where he’s lived for a decade, the filmmaker has composed, with a welcome sense of humor, a surprising, hybrid transposition of narrative codes from American fiction into a decidedly French esthetical realm. A strange territory indeed.

Aurélie Godet

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