News from the Locarno Festival



Park Jungbum, Director

About the visual style of the film:

“I don’t like editing for this I shoot a lot. It happened that we shot a scene eighty times. In this way I hope to keep the flow of the film.”

About the shooting time:

“The shooting was planned to last 25/30 days, but in the end it took almost three months.”

Answering a journalist who did not understand completely the movie:

“I am sorry you didn’t understand completely my movie, that’s my fault”.

Park Youngduk (father’s director), actor

“Before being my son he’s a director, (ironically) he makes my life really difficult.”

Park Myeonghoom, actor

“We had to shoot many times the same scene, we screamed before acting, it helped to put energy into the scene.”

Cristian Gomez Bolliger

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