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Rutger Hauer (Blade Rider)

Rutger Hauer (Blade Rider)



Q. Rutger Hauer, you are at the Festival as the president of Jury for the Pardi di domani section, where you will judge on short films from new filmmakers. You also organized a festival in the past dealing only with the short form. What attracts you to them?
I think short films are a very accessible media. They were never considered important enough. First of all because you can tell a lot from the first steps of a filmmaker. They are very difficult to make, it's like building a very tiny house – it's a great exercise. And then, honestly, a lot of feature length films should have been shorts, because they take forever telling a thin story and they make me fall asleep.

Q. What do you wish to the filmmakers of the future?
Basically, I hope they get so lucky that they find out what they are asking for. Most of the time, they are asking for a miracle, but at the same time there are always miracles happening. And while you find yourself, keep the faith.

Q. In Locarno, we will see again one of your most beloved films, La leggenda del santo bevitore by Ermanno Olmi.
It's an important film for me, one of the first films I made in English for the World market, even if it didn't travel much at the time. Now of course, you can find it on Youtube.

We have seen you riding around on your black motorcycle – very impressive. Did you come down from your native Frisland with it? 
No, I came from Prague, but the bike is actually rented from Harvey Davidson in Lugano – they have been very nice to me. I haven't found a chance yet to go around the lake, but I look forward to riding around during jury breaks. But I am organizing myself to be very serious. I go to bed early. Once people get rolling, I say good night.

If you could talk to your younger self, what would you tell the young Rutger Hauer?
Don't do to many interviews, because you talk shit.



Film festivals like Locarno are really important, because you honor the people that inspire you, and honor the people that have been inspired by you. And you shake hands with each other, it's an almost physical pleasure.

Massimo Benvegnú

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