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Free “Ingrid Bergman” evening at the Cinema Lux

Free “Ingrid Bergman” evening at the Cinema Lux



The Ticino Filmclubs, in collaboration with the Festival del film Locarno, organize a film cycle dedicated to Ingrid Bergman that will take place in January and February 2014.
In Bellinzona, Locarno, Lugano, Massagno and Mendrisio a selection of Ingrid Bergman’s Hollywood and Italian masterpieces will be presented. Among the films, classics of film history that bring prestigious signatures as the ones of George Cukor, Alfred Hitchcock, Roberto Rossellini and Ingmar Bergman will be included.

On the occasion of the opening evening, Thursday 7 January at 8.30pm at the Cinema Lux in Massagno, Artistic Director Carlo Chatrian will introduce Bergman & Magnani – La guerra dei vulcani, a documentaryby Francesco Patierno that reconstructs Ingrid Bergman and Anna Magnani’s tormented love affair with Roberto Rossellini. Admittance to this evening is free.

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