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The telescope of the new cinema

“Dream Land” by Steve Chen, one of the films presented in the Concorso Cineasti del presente section



The Concorso Cineasti del presente, for first and second films, is a hotbed for the cinema of the future. This year we are very pleased with a selection that reflects the stylistic, formal and geographical diversity we hold so dear. Fictions enhanced by top-notch casts, and film essays, politically important works, and touching dramas that all reflect the way young filmmakers see film and the world around them.

DEAD SLOW AHEAD by Mauro Herce
Spain/France – 2015 – 74'
Production: Nanouk Films, El Viaje Films
Co-production: Bocalupo Films
World Premiere, opera prima

Germany – 2015 – 88'
with Carolyn Genzkow, Kim Gordon, Julika Jenkins, Arnd Klawitter, Wilson Gonzales Ochsenknecht
Production: OOO-Films GbR, Bon Voyage Films
World Sales: ERA K5 Media Group GmbH
International Premiere

DOM JUAN by Vincent Macaigne
France – 2015 – 108'
with Loïc Corbery, Serge Bagdassarian, Suliane Brahim, Alain Lenglet, Julie Sicard, Gérard Giroudon, Jérémy Lopez, Clément Hervieux-léger, Claire De La Rüe du Can, Gilles David
Production: Iconoclast
Co-production: ARTE France, La Comédie Française, Euromedia, Maïa Cinéma
World Premiere, opera prima

DREAM LAND by Steve Chen
Cambogia/USA – 2015 – 90' with Lida Duch, Sokun Nhem, Hak Kim
Production: Chen Office
Co-production: Anti-Archive
World Premiere, opera prima

EL MOVIMIENTO by Benjamín Naishtat
Argentina/South Korea – 2015 – 67'
with Pablo Cedrón, Marcelo Pompei, Francisco Lumerman, Céline Latil
Production: Pucará Cine, Varsovia Films, Jeonju Cinema Project
International Premiere

KEEPER by Guillaume Senez
Belgium/Switzerland/France – 2015 – 91'
with Kacey Mottet Klein, Galatea Bellugi, Catherine Salée, Sam Louwyck, Laetitia Dosch
Production: Iota production
Co-production: Louise Productions, Offshore, Savage Film
World Sales: Be for Films
Swiss distributor: Filmcoopi Zürich
World Premiere, opera prima

LE GRAND JEU by Nicolas Pariser
France – 2015 – 100'
with Melvil Poupaud, André Dussollier, Clémence Poésy
Production: Bizibi
World Sales: Bac Films International
World Premiere, opera prima

Canada – 2015 – 102'
with Maxim Gaudette, Karelle Tremblay, Valérie Cadieux, Mikael Gouin
Production: Metafilms
World Premiere

LU BIAN YE CAN (Kaili Blues) by BI Gan
China/China – 2015 – 110'
with CHEN Yongzhong, ZHAO Daqing, LUO Feiyang, XIE Lixun, ZENG Shuai
Production: Blackfin (Beijing) culture&media Co.Ltd.
Co-production: Heaven Pictures (Beijing) the movie Co.Ltd.
World Premiere, opera prima

MOJ BRATE – MIO FRATELLO by Nazareno Manuel Nicoletti
Italy/Canada/Bosnia-Erzegovina – 2015 – 78'
with Stefano Gabrini, Marco Musacchio, Hamica Nametak, Karen Tomashavsky, William Anselmi, Vincenzo Maselli, Deb Joly
Production: Centro Sperimentale by Cinematografia
World Premiere, opera prima

OLMO & THE SEAGULL by Petra Costa, Lea Glob
Denmark/Brazil/Portugal/France – 2014 – 85'
with Olivia Corsini, Serge Nicolaï
Production: Zentropa Entertainments5, Busca Vida Filmes, O Som e a Fúria, Epicentre Films
World Premiere

SIEMBRA by Ángela Osorio Rojas, Santiago Lozano Álvarez
Colombia/Germany – 2015 – 80'
with Diego Balanta, Ines Granja, Jose Luis Preciado
Production: Contravia Films
Co-production: Autentika Films
World Premiere, opera prima

THE WAITING ROOM by Igor Drljaca
Canada – 2015 – 92'
with Jasmin Geljo, Masa Lizdek, Filip Geljo, Cynthia Ashperger, Ma-Anne Dionisio
Production: Timelapse pictures, Gearshift films, Yn films
World Premiere

THITHI by Raam Reddy
India/USA/Canada – 2015 – 132'
with Thammegowda S., Chennagowda, Abhishek H.N., Pooja S.M.
Production: Prspctvs Productions
Co-production: Maxmedia, Six Island Productions, Vigilante Films
World Premiere, opera prima

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