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La Saison de Cécile

Cécile de France – PardoLive – August 6th, 2015


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Cécile de France, in your career you embodied all the possible shades of femininity, even in some of the most complicated moments of one's life. What did you feel about La Belle Saison?

I really liked the idea to take part to a movie which was set in the Seventies, when I read the script I could feel the militant atmosphere of those years. It was already written like that – with demonstrations, group meetings, the force of ideas; it was full of energy, vitality, dynamism and it was moreover telling a great love story with tenderness. I felt destabilized when I read it. I am not receiving so many scripts which are so intense, and Catherine Corsini also told me she would not have shot the movie without me.

Even if it is the first time you are working together, the bond between you and Catherine Corsini is strong. Did you find recognize yourself in Carole's character?

It is very difficult to answer this question because I rarely draw a parallel between me and my characters – I feel like I understand better the women I am performing than myself. But as soon as I read the script, I thought that Carole was an open-minded woman, at ease with her body, full of energy as I am. However, Catherine's directing was fundamental – it permitted me to show a side of me which is really exciting and liberating.

The movie brings us back to an atmosphere full of activism and freedom movements. What have the present days inherited from that era?

Today we are feeling that age as something distant, but we have not to forget that we are indebted to them for the rights to abortion and contraception. Now we are living a regression moment. Personally, what I am feeling more indignant about is the concept of woman-object, as conceived in our society's advertising world.

As you have demonstrated in this movie, as well you have the great ability to move from a comedy context to the dramas, from genre movies to arthouse cinema. What is the secret of this versatility?

It is quite simple: I am getting bored pretty easily, then I am attracted by different roles. I like to put myself in the most varied conditions in order to always reach a creative status pushing myself beyond, while I am doing my job.

In your career you have worked with greath authors: from Klapisch to Dardenne brothers, not to mention Giannlo and Eastwood. Which experience left a mark on you?

Actually, the year I was called from Eastwood and the Dardennes represents something special: it helped me to work on my ability to adapt because they have opposite methods. With Eastwood you are on a big set and you are doing a single take, with the Dardennes you are rehearsing a lot as you are preparing a theatre play. The first one is looking for the magic of the momentum, the other two the depth of an inner search. From that year, I am feeling able to do whatever they are asking me to do.

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Cécile de France – PardoLive cover – August 6th, 2015


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