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Menzione speciale della giuria: MISTER UNIVERSO – Tizza Covi, Rainer Frimmel

Concorso internazionale

Tizza Covi e Rainer Frimmel



Like tightrope walkers, directors Tizza Covi and Rainer Frimmel have been treading the fine line between fiction and documentary starting with their 2009 film La pivellina (Little Girl). It is no coincidence, then, that their preferred stomping ground is the world of small circuses. This is also the case in Mister Universo, rewarded with a special mention by the jury for «touching the heart». Here we are reacquainted with young lion tamer Tairo Caroli, who we met previously in La pivellina (Little Girl). After losing his lucky piece of iron, the young man embarks on a search for Arthur Robin a.k.a. Mister Universo, a man with Herculean strength who bent the piece of iron with his own hands and gave it to him. In following these characters taken from reality on a fictional adventure, Covi and Frimmel muse on the possibilities of cinema (embodied by a cameo of the monkey that worked with Fellini), in a film that showcases their usual balance between fiction and documentary even in the choice of which fragments of everyday life to depict. Like the road with inverted gravity, which takes us to a reality that seems like magical invention. 


Sara Groisman

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