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Pardi di domani




Can anger be compared to a poison which infects human hearts along generations, like a blood disease? Yes, according to the Portoguese director José Miguel Ribeiro competing in the Pardi di domani: Concorso internazionale with the animated short movie Estilhaços (Fragments), screened in Locarno as International Premiere.
In less than twenty minutes the author shows Festival and the world how a simple conversation between a father and his son Mario can lead the audience to discover open wounds and forgotten silences. Through different styles, Ribeiro brings us to two different levels of storytelling which are strictly connected, though: past and present, guilt and innocence, war and peace.
Opening with Mario staring at a bunch of Portugal national football team's fans getting ready for the semi-finals, Estilhaços is eligible as Locarno's short film nominee for the European Film Awards 2016. Everybody remembers which team conquered the last UEFA European Championship, one month ago. We are curious to see if Ribeiro's work will be able to get the same result.


Mattia Bertoldi

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