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Signs of Life

Beduino, by Jùlio Bressane



Destined to be talked about. Now, more relevant than ever, Signs of Life offers a sounding board for the cinema to come.  Eight world premiers from countries as far apart as  Syria, the US, Serbia, Israel, Brazil, the Netherlands, and Poland, impelled by the know-how of a master such as Júlio Bressane and the unpredictability of Fiona Tan. All stamped with the promise of an unquenchable desire to keep pushing the boundaries of filmmaking.

300 MILES by Orwa Al Mokdad
Syria/Lebanon – 2016 – 95’
Production: 4 Films Art
World Premiere, First feature

ANASHIM SHEHEM LO ANI (People That Are Not Me) by Hadas Ben Aroya
Israel – 2016 – 77’
with Hadas Ben Aroya, Yonatan Bar-Or, Meir Toledano, Netzer Charitt, Hagar Enosh
World Premiere, First feature

ASCENT by Fiona Tan
Netherlands/Japan – 2016 – 80’
with Hiroki Hasegawa, Fiona Tan
Production: Antithesis Films
World Premiere

BEDUINO by Júlio Bressane
Brazil – 2016 – 75’
with Alessandra Negrini, Fernando Eiras
Production: TB Produções
World Premiere

POW WOW by Robinson Devor
USA – 2016 – 75’
Production: Vins
World Premiere

SVI SEVERNI GRADOVI (All the Cities of the North) by Dane Komljen
Serbia/Bosnia-Herzegovina/Montenegro – 2016 – 100’
with Boban Kaludjer, Boris Isakovic, Dane Komljen
Production: Dart Film, SCCA/pro.ba
Co-production: Code blue, Vizart Production
World Premiere, First feature

RAT FILM by Theo Anthony
USA – 2016 – 82’
Production: Memory
World Sales: Memory
World Premiere, First feature

THE SUN, THE SUN BLINDED ME by Anka Sasnal, Wilhelm Sasnal
Poland/Switzerland – 2016 – 74’
with Rafał Maćkowiak
Production: Wilhelm Sasnal
World Premiere


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