News from the Locarno Festival

Swiss Mobiliar new Main Partner for the Festival del film Locarno.

Markus Hongler CEO la Mobiliare, Marco Solari Presidente del Festival del film Locarno and Mario Timbal Direttore Operativo Festival del film Locarno


© Loreta Daulte / Studio Daulte


In Locarno today, September 23, Swiss Mobiliar and the Festival signed a contract of partnership. Swiss Mobiliar thus becomes one of the Festival's Main Sponsors and Partners.

Markus Hongler, Swiss Mobiliar’s CEO: “The Festival is a major asset for the Canton of Ticino. Swiss Mobiliar’s is delighted to play its part in enhancing the image and positioning of Ticino. As a business with roots as a cooperative enterprise, Swiss Mobiliar’s does not confine itself to a purely passive spectator role. We prefer to take our social responsibilities seriously and take an active role in shaping the future. It is for this reason that Swiss Mobiliar 's commitment not only supports the big films on the Piazza Grande, but also the young cinema, in all its questioning, experimental and provocative modes, which enlivens Locarno's cinemas. Film can teach us how to think outside the box, and take a firm grasp on our future.

Marco Solari, President of the Festival del film Locarno: "The Festival's funding model is based on an overall balance between public and private support. The continuity of this model, initiated some sixteen years ago, has secured the agreement concluded today with Swiss Mobiliar."

Swiss Mobiliar joins UBS, Manor and Swisscom as a Main Partner, taking the place of Azienda Elettrica Ticinese to whom the Festival is grateful for the sensitivity to our needs that it has demonstrated over the past fifteen years. Thanks to support from its main partners, from destination sponsor Ascona-Locarno, and all the other public and private sector supporters and in particular, the Municipality of Locarno, several Ticino communes, the Canton of Ticino and the Confederation, the Festival's funding, while always vulnerable, seems assured for the immediate future.

The pictures of the press conference will be available at the following link:

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