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Youth Advisory Board



Would you like to take an active part in an event with a global profile like the Locarno Festival, see how it works from the inside, and help develop new offerings designed and created by young people for young people? Are you interested in film, culture and digital media, and keen to express your ideas?

The Locarno Festival is seeking applicants to take part in a new initiative for young people aged 16-23: a consultative committee which will meet two or three times annually, addressing the priority issues for young people.

About YAB:

  • The YAB has a consultative, none decision-making role; all final decision-making powers will remain with the Executive Board;
  • The YAB is coordinated by a member of the Locarno Festival staff chosen by the Director and President, and is made up of 7 members;
  • The appointment of the first YAB is scheduled for the Spring 2017 General Assembly;
  • Young people aged from 16 to 23 may be appointed, for a term of 2 years;
  • In case of resignation or a change in the circumstances having led to the appointment of a member of the committee, the Executive Board may appoint a replacement;
  • As a rule the YAB will meet in Locarno, from two to three times per year;
  • Meetings of the YAB will be attended by the Festival Director and/or his staff.

Requirements for membership of the Locarno YAB:

  • Age from 16 to 23;
  • Good knowledge of English;
  • Spirit of initiative and readiness to express one’s own ideas;
  • Willingness to attend 3 scheduled annual meetings with the Festival Director and staff, plus possible conference calls as and when necessary, especially on issues concerning young people and digital media.

Benefits for members of the Locarno YAB:

  • Opportunity to take an active part in Swiss cultural politics;
  • Free accreditation during the Locarno Film Festival;
  • Refund of travel expenses for meetings, plus an attendance fee.

What are you waiting for? Send a motivational letter (max. 1 page) with your CV to info@pardo.ch by February 28th, 2017!


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