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Youth Advisory Board members announcement

Youth Advisory Board members announcement


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On April 11, at the Festival Annual General Meeting, the 8 members of the Youth Advisory Board (YAB), were announced, their ages ranging between 16 and 25. An initiative intended to give younger generations a voice within an event, which is constantly evolving and, notwithstanding its 70 years of history, still has its eyes keenly trained on the future. The committee consists of eight young people, representing Switzerland's three linguistic regions and international countries.

Lili Hering: Swiss German origins, living in Berlin.

Thomas Rowbotham: from Scotland.

Nicolas Raffin: from Strasbourg, France, living in London.

Lily Landecy: Swiss French origins, living in Paris.

Alessandra Ortelli: from Giubiasco, Ticino.

Asja Zinato: Italian origins, living in Lugano, Ticino.

Felipe Lopez: Colombian origins, living in Canada.

Ross McDonnell: from Ireland, living in London.

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