Roger Alan Koza


Roger Alan Koza

Film critic ,  Argentina

A member of FIPRESCI, Roger Alan Koza works as a film critic for the Córdoba newspaper La Voz del Interior; he regularly publishes pieces on films in the Quid and Ñ magazines and keeps his own blog Con los ojos abiertos on the OtrosCines website. He currently hosts and directs the television show El cinematógrafo. He published Con los ojos abiertos: crítica de cine de algunas películas recientes (2004) and the essay El inconsciente de las películas in the collective book Arte y Psicoanálisis (2005). He edited the books Cine y pensamiento: las charlas de Mar del Plata (2006) and Cine del mañana (2007). Since 2006 he has been in charge of programming the Vitrina section at the Hamburg International Short Film Festival and since 2011 he has been a program curator for the FICUNAM. As of 2014, he is also the artistic director for the Cosquín International Film Festival (Córdoba).

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