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Dance Square



An orphanage in Brittany, an enchanted Paris on which the site of the Eiffel Tower stands, a story that moves between the ballet school of the Opéra and the laboratory of Gustave Eiffel: Ballerina, the animated film chosen by the Locarno parent group (www.ggl.ch) for the traditional post-Festival evening dedicated to families, fascinates especially for the atmospheres, which rebuild the France of the late nineteenth century between fairy-tale and steampunk. The protagonist is Félicie, a young girl who lives in an orphanage and dreams of becoming a dancer by studying at the prestigious Opéra in Paris. Aided by her best friend Victor, who wants to reach the capital to become an inventor, Félicie leaves at once for the big city, but she's confronted by the elitism within the school, managed by the stern Louis Mérante, and especially with her peer and rival Camille, who, pushed by her mother, aspires to become the young star of the Opéra. Between loves, secrets and pursuits, the film of Eric Summer and Éric Warin shows that only by working without holding back can you aspire to fulfil your desires, and it does so through an adventurous tale that transports between fabrics and machines to the top of a Statue of Liberty under construction.


13.08.2017, 21:15 – Piazza Grande – Ballerina 

Sara Groisman

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