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Highlights – 3 | 8 | 2017

Highlights – 3 | 8 | 2017



1. Femininity in all its forms. Beauty that never hides its complexity, seduction that becomes provocation. Two of the most elegant women in the world of cinema, Fanny Ardant and Nastassja Kinski, never stop bewitching.

2. Some regulate their life around the rhythm of meals taken every two hours, moulding their body with push-ups and weights, while others let themselves go with the flow, following a summer of the soul in which music sets the rules. So it is with the two men filmed with tenderness in Ta Peau si lisse and Verão Danado (Damned Summer) respectively.

3. Dialogues over a distance that moves at a slow pace. Like those of people weighed down with memories and a disenchanted perspective on the illusions of the world. One the one hand, there is the legendary Harry Dean Stanton in Lucky, and on the other hand, the voices of the inhabitants of an old people’s home in Distant Constellation.

4. Every film is a journey. Some leave for dangerous destinations, sharing expectations and memories with fighting women (Breton in Filles du feu), some immerse themselves in old photographs, bringing up ancient wounds from the past (Jude in Țara moartă – The Dead Nation), while others return to their hometown and film an old stone bridge as though it was a long-lost friend (Bellocchio in Per una rosa).

5. The Pardi di domani have already begun to roar: 38 films offering a world tour through fiction, documentary and animation (don’t miss the latest work from the studio of Claude Barras, entitled La Femme canon).


Carlo Chatrian

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