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The Gym of Revenge

Goliath – Concorso internazionale

The Gym of Revenge



There is a hidden violence that lurks under the veil of fragility. A violence that can awaken at any moment when you find yourself in the position of the victim and from there on which triggers a spiral that affect every human bond, including that of a young couple, as in the case of Goliath, which finds itself during the journey towards a more mature future. This middle ground, between youth and age of responsibility, lives through the tones of the drama; this is the film by Dominik Locher. The mark of the Aargau director who, as in his debut film Tempo Girl, maintains a generational look, here chilled by a metaphor that soon reaches its breaking point and ends up sliding on a long inclined plane, upsetting the protagonists and the shots in which their daily lives take us. What lights the fuse is the unmotivated aggression that David (Sven Schelker) experiences on a train with his girlfriend Jessy (Jasna Fritzi Bauer), who is recently aware of being pregnant. The fear and impotence felt open a crisis of identity that while images narrow in increasingly closed environments while continually seeking the rage of outburst or revenge. Something that has a direct effect on the bodies of the two protagonists in the middle of change. She, faced with pregnancy, and he turning himself into a body-builder doped from a massive use of steroids. Physical paths that along with their psychological repercussions find themselves fighting against a present blocked and increasingly intrusive, because it is unable to find an escape towards the future.

Lorenzo Buccella

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