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More Pardo, Less Coal

More Pardo, Less Coal



The mind is in Locarno, the wellbeing in Guizhou. With "zero impact" remaining an impossible dream, also this year the Locarno Festival has been flanked by the many green initiatives on site (encouraging the use of public transport, use of certified renewable energy, increased hybrid fleet, differentiated collection) the financial support to a project in an area of the world in difficulty, obtaining the label "myclimate neutral event" from the Swiss Myclimate Foundation. The equation is simple: however much CO2 the Festival emits during the event, then so much it "breaks down" elsewhere in the world, financing an ad hoc initiative. Together with Impact Carbon and the China Association of Rural Energy Industry (CAREI), the Locarno Festival has been a supporter of a project in the Chinese provinces of Shanxi, Hubei and Guizhou aimed at minimising the unsustainable consumption of wood or coal and water purification by replacing traditional charcoal stoves with biomass stoves, reducing CO2 emissions and deforestation with a single intervention.

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