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Azmaish (A Journey Through the Subcontinent)

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Azmaish (A Journey Through the Subcontinent)



A journey of two women – the Pakistani director Sabiha Sumar and the Indian actress Kalki Koechlin – in order to discover what can contribute to the stability and peace between Pakistan and India. Separated after 1947 Partition, these two Countries both suffer the issue of a fundamentalist religion which doesn’t allow the people to raise from poverty and social injustice. Sumar’s documentary tries to give voice to common people, the ones who struggle every day to find food or a shelter for their own family. Her look is not far from them, she participates to their pain and together with them wants to start a dialogue, no matter which clan or faith they belong to. How can India and Pakistan find a common ground in order to improve people’s security and spread real democracy?

After Khamosh Pani (Silent Waters), Pardo d’oro at Locarno in 2003, Sabiha Sumar is back with another painful and moving portrait which mixes reality and poetry, the hearts of real people and the beauty of magnificent landscapes. The result is a documentary capable to chain the audience, giving them not only a powerful piece of cinema but also the taste of what is today the difficult situation in both Pakistan and India. 

Adriano Ercolani

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