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Sadat: "From Kabul To The World"

Namai Ba Rahis Gomhor (A Letter to the President) - Open Doors

Sadat: "From Kabul To The World"



Roya Sadat, you are director and producer of this film that sees its world premiere in the Open Doors section of Locarno70. How should we interpret the end of the film? 

As an open ending: Soraya may or may not avoid execution. The judicial situation in Afghanistan is very difficult, especially for women, but not only. The same government is sometimes unaware of what happens in some regions. 


In this regard, do you feel confident after shooting this brave movie? 

Surely it will not be easy, but this is my work; my production house has offices in Kabul... But that's what I want to do and I'll continue to do it. 


The film has a very low budget, although there are clear production values. How did it succeed? 

We streamlined the work on the set: in addition to the direction I also took care of the sets, for example, and also others had more than one role. To avoid having problems with the authorities or with the clans of the area, we shot very quickly, and then moved on to another location. 


It must be very difficult to shoot a film in Afghanistan. 

It is, much more today than five years ago: culture is opposed by the current government, so it is not easy, but as you see it is not impossible. My production house, the Roya Film House, also produces commercials and other content that allows us to produce our films. 


Leena Alam, the actress who plays Soraya, is very talented. How did you find her? 

She is a professional actress who works in theatre and cinema, always considering that in Afghanistan we produce a couple of films a year. But hopefully the situation can change. 


The film is screened at Open Doors in a world premiere. A great opportunity to get recognised in the international market. 

Absolutely, it would be great to find an international distributor, even to finish paying many of the people who worked on the film and who still have to receive their remuneration. 


What will be the next project? 

Actually a movie we had written before this, but that needs a higher budget, so we had to put it aside. Now we hope we can make it. 

Alessandro De Simone

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