News from the Locarno Festival

The Wall of Fame - Day ​​​​​​8


Red, gold and leopard. The eighth day's red carpet was a mixture of colors: the usual red, the gold of an award and leopard-spotted like the tie worn by Michel Merkt, the main star of the evening and recipient of the Premio Raimondo Rezzonico. He was joined in Piazza Grande by music star Anna Rossinelli and the delegation of the featured film, The Song of Scorpions. The lovely Golshifteh Farahani headed a team comprised of Sabiha Sumar, Irrfan Khan and Anup Singh. The end? No, sir. The spotlight was also on an icon like Freddy Buache, a master like Aleksandr Sokurov and award-winning make-up artist Esmé Sciaroni

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