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The year of Leonardo

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The year of Leonardo



How did you work in order to shape the Rick Dalton character?

What has kept us doing what we do is the immense appreciation for the opportunity we were given. In some way my character is haunted by those opportunities that he didn’t get. For Quentin, Rick is a celebration, his love letter to this industry and those that have been forgotten, pushed to the sidelines.

In this movie you can really feel what Hollywood was like in 1969…

There’s such an authenticity there, because it is truly connected to Quentin and his relationship to this town. He has a love for those who have been sort of forgotten. He celebrates actors that you may never have heard of and puts them in context with some of the greatest of all time.

What is in your opinion Quentin Tarantino’s legacy?

A complete original. He is his own creation. As much as he looks at other artists and is influenced by them, I think he is a creation from his own imagination. A unique artist.

Adriano Ercolani

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