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Here are the 20 projects of The Films After Tomorrow

The selection competing for the 2020 Pardo has been announced

Here are the 20 projects of The Films After Tomorrow


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There's twenty of them, in a suspended state, competing for the 2020 Pardo. These are the feature length projects that the selection committee, headed by Artistic Director Lili Hinstin, has chosen for The Films After Tomorrow, the strand of Locarno 2020 - For the Future of Films that has been conceived to offer proper support to filmmakers who had to put production on hold because of the lockdown.

Having assessed 545 submissions from 101 countries, the committee chose ten international titles and, in association with SWISS FILMS, ten Swiss projects, which make up the selection that will compete for the two 2020 Pardi and other prizes offered by Campari, Swatch and SRG SSR. It is a selection that represents the spirit and tradition of Locarno, with filmmakers that have visited the Festival in the past, emerging talents and renowned national and international figures.

The selection
The following are the 10 international projects selected:

These the 10 projects from Switzerland:

Lili Hinstin, Artistic Director of the Locarno Film Festival: “Our role as a Festival is to build a bridge between films, industry and audience, and so we have tried to find alternative ways of pursuing that mission in a year fraught with difficulties for films and the film business everywhere. In our choice of international projects, we looked at both benchmark directors in new world cinema and at promising new voices, picking out a line-up that speaks of the range of problems encountered by independent productions in very different regions of the world. The Swiss projects, on the other hand, reflect a vibrant creative scene packed with debut features, documentaries and projects. Together they are a powerful testimony to Switzerland’s special rapport with its own history and with the rest of the world.” 

Projects on hold waiting to be discovered
From 5 to 15 August the Locarno 2020 audience will be able to access a presentation of the selected projects on the Festival website, which will host pages dedicated to this year’s new section, The Films After Tomorrow. Users will find plot synopses and pictures from the projects, as well as a video presentation on the films in progress and their directors. During the same period, some of the selected filmmakers will hold online masterclasses open to the public, discussing their work and reflecting on what the future may hold for cinema.
The future, however, will not be the only topic of conversation, as the participating filmmakers will also look back at the Festival’s past. Each director will be tasked with picking one film from previous editions of Locarno to build the program for the section, A Journey in the Festival’s History: a series of screenings that, from 5 to 15 August, will allow all viewers to travel back and discover landmark films in the event’s rich history, guided by the gaze of the makers of cinema today.
The titles in this special selection will be announced in July. 

The prizes
Alongside two Pardi 2020 worth 70,000 Swiss francs each, the juries will award other prizes offered by the Festival’s Partners, which as of this year include Campari. In a time of crisis such as this, Partners have yet again shown their support for the Festival and for auteur filmmaking. 

  • SRG SSR Award: promotional television campaign worth 100,000 Swiss francs for a Swiss project, guaranteeing publicity on the broadcaster’s own channels. 
  • Campari Award: special jury prize worth 50,000 Swiss francs, awarded to an international project. 
  • Swatch Award: 30,000 Swiss francs, awarded to the most innovative international project. 

The members of the two juries for The Films After Tomorrow will be announced over the coming weeks.
The two official juries will be joined by the jury for the Festival’s youth initiative, Cinema & Gioventù. This jury will be responsible for various awards for projects in The Films After Tomorrow, including one worth 5,000 Swiss francs for the best international project, one worth 3,000 Swiss francs for the best Swiss project, and lastly the environmental prize, Environment is quality of life, worth 3,000 Swiss francs. 

Here all the selected projects of The Films After Tomorrow and here the selection told in numbers.



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