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With the physical event of Locarno73 cancelled, the Festival is temporarily reinventing itself by launching Locarno 2020 – For the Future of Films.

All details available in our official FAQs


How does the Digital Library work?

To make it easier to view most of the films presented in the official sections, the Locarno Film Festival provides professionals (press and industry) with an online Digital Library accessible through the website.

The Digital Library is a free service.

Through the myFestival area, in the myDigitalLibrary section, it is possible to view most of the films presented in the official sections of the Festival. 

Please note: the availability of the films in the Digital Library depends on the authorization granted to us by the right holders. For this reason, not all films from the Locarno Film Festival selection will be available.

Please find here the list of the films available in the Digital Library

How do I access the Digital Library?

Access to the Digital Library is activated as soon as the user withdraws his accreditation from the Accreditation Desk in Locarno. The Digital Library can be accessed from all countries; from this year, access is no longer restricted to Swiss IP addresses.

Access to the Digital Library here (Login required)

Who can access the Digital Library?

Access to the Digital Library is reserved exclusively for those who hold a Press or Industry accreditation.

Photographers with a press accreditation are not allowed to access the Digital Library.

What films are available in the Digital Library?

The Digital Library contains films from the following sections: Concorso internazionale, Concorso Cineasti del presente, Piazza Grande, Moving Ahead, Fuori concorso, Pardi di domani, Open Doors, Semaine de la critique and Panorama Suisse.

The films of the Concorso internazionale, the Concorso Cineasti del presente and the Piazza Grande section will be online only and exclusively after the first public screening in the halls of the Festival.

The films selected in the Pardi di domani and Open Doors sections will be available in the Digital Library from the first day of the Festival (August 7).

For films selected in the Moving Ahead and Fuori concorso sections, the Digital Library offers an online press screening. Films in these sections can be viewed from 24 hours before the first public screening.

The films will be available in the Digital Library until August 24, 2019 (unless otherwise specified by the rights holders).


As the public will only be able to see the films afterwards, we remind the daily press and online press to respect the embargo and not to publish reviews of these films before 30 minutes after the start of their first official screening to the public.


How to find films in the Digital Library?

Films in the Digital Library are sorted by date of publication. However, you can search for films through the title search system or use the various search options. The platform provides detailed filters such as Country of Production, Genre, Section, World Premiere, First Feature.

If the search for the film does not yield any results, this means that the rightholders have not granted us permission to place their film in the Digital Library and is therefore not available.

How does viewing work?

You will only be able to view the movie once. The viewing time will be 120% of the duration of the entire film. This is to allow you to use the pause or go back.

Only in particular cases will you be able to request permission to view the desired film again.

What should I do if I have problems watching films?

To ensure the quality of the video content, we use an adaptive buffering and streaming system that maximizes the quality of the video depending on the speed of your internet connection. In case of buffering problems (continuous interruptions) the possibilities are many. If you are using a Wi-Fi connection or a data connection (3G/4G), you can try to change location and try again; or, if you are using a PC it is recommended to connect to a fixed network.

Alternatively, it is advisable to close all programs that connect to the Internet and / or try to use a browser other than the one in use.

Video playback is ensured by Flowplayer, a video software for the web developed with Adobe Flash technology.

ATTENTION: if the Wi-Fi connection is not optimal, visualization problems may occur. Please make sure your Internet connection is working. Wi-Fi technology is highly dependent on network interference and congestion. 


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