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Appellations Suisse: Jacqueline Veuve

La Petite Dame du Capitole

Switzerland  ·  2005  ·  Beta digital  ·  Color  ·  55'  ·  o.v. French

Lucienne Schnegg is the manager, cashier and cleaner for the last independent cinema left in Lausanne. Jacqueline Veuve offers us a portrait of this woman in her eighties, who has been running the venue since 1949, when she was first employed as a secretary. Through her memories, photographs and posters, the Capitole is brought back to life: from the glory days of its opening in the 1920s, when audiences flocked in their Sunday best, to the more difficult recent years dealing with ferocious competition from the multiplexes. Laced with interviews of those close to the “little lady of the Capitole”, this documentary is a tribute both to herself and her power of resistance.

Thursday 8 | 8 | 2013  ·  16:00  ·  PalaVideo  ·  Sub. German,English
Jacqueline Veuve
Peter Guyer
André Daniel Meylan
Anne Pellaton, Jacqueline Veuve
Blaise Gabioud
Loredana Cristelli
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