Cristina Piccino


Cristina Piccino

Film critic ,  Italy

Cristina Piccino was born in Rome, but moved to Bologna to study film history. She soon began writing film reviews for the national daily il manifesto, where she joined the editorial team in the 1990s and eventually became head of staff. She also contributed to specialized journals (Filmcritica), other magazines and newspapers (Amica, Grazia, local dailies) and radio and television programs (Telepiù). She was a selection consultant for the Bellaria Film Festival between 2007 and 2011 and is currently on the selection committee for Milan’s Filmmaker Festival. She was co-editor of the books Peter Whitehead. Cinema, musica, rivoluzione (DeriveApprodi, 2008) and Eyal Sivan. Il cinema di un’altra Israele (Agenzia X, 2007), as well as contributing to various collective monographs and publications. She also teaches classes in journalism and training courses for film critics.

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