Werner Schneider-Quindeau

Reverend em. ,  Frankfurt (Germany)

Werner Schneider-Quindeau (*1949) studied protestant theology and philosophy and worked as a minister of a congregation, in the theological education and in the field of social responsibility of his local church. From 2007 to 2014 he was a minister at the Katharinenkirche in Frankfurt a/M. He retired in 2015. Since 1987 he has also been the president of the jury of the protestant churches in Germany, which nominates the “film of the month”. From 1999 till 2003 he was the film commissioner of the protestant churches (EKD and has published several articles about the relationship between film and theology, church and cinema. From 1999 to 2013 he was one of the vice-presidents of INTERFILM and also a member of the ecumenical juries in Moscow, Berlin, Locarno, Cannes, Karlovy Vary, Oberhausen and in the INTERFILM-Jury in Venice.

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