José Filipe Costa


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José Filipe Costa

José Filipe Costa directed fiction shorts and feature documentaries that premiered at Cinéma du réel and the Viennale and were broadcast on RTP, Futura Brasil and ZDF/ARTE. Feature doc Linha Vermelha won Best Portuguese Film at IndieLisboa 2011. Costa is a film professor in Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro and published the book Power to the Cinema! (2002). He works as a scriptwriter for film and TV and is currently developing his debut fiction feature.

2017 O Caso J.
2011 Linha Vermelha
2010 Povo Unido
2008 A Rua
2006 Chapa 23
2005 Domingo
2004 Undo
2003 Entre Muros
2001 Senhorinha

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